RYA Sailing Courses - Overview

Students enjoying a RYA approved training courseThe RYA have developed a scheme to encourage yachtsmen & women to achieve high levels of seamanship and navigation by voluntary education.

At Solent Sailing School of Yachting we are proud to offer Practical Courses, helping to develop your confidence and competence whilst enhancing your enjoyment of sailing.

Choose from the courses listed below according to your knowledge and experience. There is no requirement to start at beginner level. If you are unsure of your entry level, give us a call, we are always happy to advise.



The Course     Assumed Knowledge    Minimum Pre-course
   Ability after Course    Duration
Competent Crew None None Useful crew member 6 days
Day Skipper
Navigation to Day Skipper Shorebased & Basic sailing ability
5 days sea time
100 miles 4 night hours
Skipper a small yacht in familiar waters by day
6 days
Coastal Skipper
Navigation to Coastal Skipper Shorebased & Sail to Day Skipper practical standard

15 days sea time

2 days as skipper 300 miles

8 night hours

Skipper a yacht on coastal passages by day and night
6 days
Coastal Skipper + RYA/MCA Exam
Navigation to Coastal Skipper Shorebased & Sail to Day Skipper practical standard VHF (restricted) First aid certificate

30 days sea time

2 days as skipper 800 miles

12 night hours

Sufficient knowledge to skipper a yacht on coastal passages by day and night but not necessarily the experience to undertake longer passages
5 days + Exam 6-10 hrs for one 8-14 hrs for two
RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Prep
+ RYA/MCA Exam
Navigation to Yachtmaster Skipper Shorebased VHF (restricted) First aid certificate

50 days sea time

5 days as skipper 2500 miles

5 passages over 60M including 2 overnight & 2 as skipper

A Yachtmaster Offshore is competent to skipper a cruising yacht on any passage during which the yacht is no more than 150 miles from Harbour
5 days + Exam 8-12 hrs for one 10-18 hrs for two

View of the solent with tanker in the backgroundMost Charter Companies require at least a Day Skipper Completion Certificate before they will charter a small yacht and if abroad an ICC (International Certificate of Competence) is required in most European countries.

Yacht charter companies are more likely to allow you to charter one of their newer or more expensive yachts if you can demonstrate additional experience.

Join us on one of our Sailing Weekends or longer Holiday cruises to test your new skills and build even further upon your confidence and ability whilst visiting some of the lovely varied coastlines and harbours around our shores.

CEVNI (Inland Waterway) courses and tests can also be arranged.

RYA Theory Courses.

We do not offer these courses but suggest you contact one of our friends at:

East Sussex Mustang Sailing www.mustangsailing.com
West Sussex Emsworth School of Navigation www.emsnav.com
Berks & Hants Jim Crick www.jimcrick.co.uk


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